Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mother Gives Birth To A Froglike Creature (Translated)

 ROMANA "This resort town forgot the afternoon of Monday, the blackouts, the high cost of living, after knowing the news that a Haitian woman gave birth in the hospital of Public Health, Francisco Gonzalvo a frog-faced creature . La madre del fenómeno, solo pudo ser identificada como Tossent Luis, de 20 años de edad, que llegó desde San Pedro de Macorís a alumbrar a La Romana y quien tan pronto supo de lo acontecido salió despavorida del hospital y se desconoce su paradero. The mother of the phenomenon could only be identified as Tossent Luis, 20 years old, who arrived from San Pedro de Macoris to La Romana and enlighten those who soon learned of what happened came out terrified of the hospital and his whereabouts are unknown. El cuerpecito era de humano, pero el rostro, la boca, las orejas, la cabeza, el cuello se asemejan a una rana o sapo. The little body was human, but the face, mouth, ears, head, neck, resembling a frog or toad. La mujer llegó esta mañana al centro hospitalario con los signos de alumbramiento y fue ingresada en la sala de parto, dando a luz a la media hora, pero la criatura no se le dejó ver en el momento. The woman arrived this morning at the hospital with signs of birth and was admitted to the delivery room giving birth to the half hour, but the creature does not let you see at the moment.
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Video Of This BABY--->Viewers Discretion! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Comfort Food: Woman Eats Sofas For 21 Years

A mother-of-five has been diagnosed with a rare disorder called Pica after seeking medical help for her addiction... to eating sofas.
Adele Edwards, of Bradenton, Florida, has been eating the foam inside couch cushions for 21 years.
She sought help when the cravings started getting out of control.
Miss Edwards, 31, said: 'In the last year I’ve eaten seven sofas.
'I unzip the cushions and snack on the foam inside. And once I start I just can’t stop.
'But now doctors have told me that if I carry on, my addiction will kill me.'
Pica is a disorder found most commonly in toddlers and pregnant women who lack certain nutrients, causing them to crave non-nutritive substances like chalk, coins, batteries and even dirt.
Sometimes it’s caused by stress, and Adele admits her first time happened during a very emotional period in her life, when her parents were on the brink of divorce.

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