Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Buddy

Thu Dec 24, 10:07 PM

By The Associated Press

CHICAGO - A Chicago man could be unwrapping the hundreds of Christmas gifts spread around his apartment for days, even weeks.
Trouble is, they aren't really presents. They're his own belongings meticulously wrapped by friends as a prank while he was out of town.
Louie Saunders' packages contain everything from couch cushions to the beer in his refrigerator.
His friend Adal Rifai masterminded the scheme after Saunders gave him a spare key. It took 16 people, 35 rolls of wrapping paper and eight hours to finish the job.
Saunders tells the Chicago Sun-Times he's only been able to unwrap about 10 per cent of the packages.

He jokes that the upside is that, with each package he unwraps, he finds something inside that's just what he needs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forced to Eat Pork Muslim Wife Slits Husbands Throat

NEW YORK — A devout Muslim woman says she slashed her husband’s neck with a kitchen knife as he slept because he forced her to eat pork, wear short skirts and drink alcohol in violation of her religious beliefs.

Rabia Sarwar, 37, a native of Pakistan, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and was freed on $25,000 bail. She told police in a written statement that she was emotionally abused by her husband, Seikh Naseem, and forced to violate her religious beliefs.
“I did my best to cut his throat,” Rabia Sarwar wrote. “But the next moment he jumped on me and grabbed me.”

Cops: Crime in the Neighborhood? Move Out!

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Residents of Ohio's capital city are complaining that police officers are telling them to move out if they're fed up with neighborhood crime.
At least two Columbus city council members have heard the complaint.
An aide to Councilwoman Charleta Tavares says she has received more than 20 calls. Councilman Andrew Ginther says if police are making the comments, they're neither acceptable nor appropriate, though he says he believes most officers want to be helpful.
A police spokesman says the department addresses the complaints when it's given the name of an officer.
A police union official says he understands if officers are frustrated with crime. Fraternal Order of Police President Jim Gilbert says: "It's like the OK Corral out there."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Half Goat Half Human Born

AN African village is reportedly shellshocked after the birth of a bizarre faun-like creature said to have the combined features of a man and a goat.

Bild reports the creature, which died just a few hours after birth in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe, had a huge head and face which resembled a human, as well as goat legs and a tail.

Villagers said the end product was so scary even dogs were afraid to go close to it. They burned the corpse fearing it was an evil sign.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Panama: Youngsters claim to have killed an Alien

The discovery of a strange creature in Cerro Azul, Panama, sparked controversy among the people, for what some say might be a creature from another planet, others simply believe that it si just an animal.
Two young men were having fun on the hill when they saw at the entrance of a cave a creature that was approaching them. They were frightened and stoned it to death.
Panama’s Channel 13 showed images of a strange creature that appeared last weekend in Cerro Azul, east of Panama City, and that alarmed local residents.
According to Telemetro, polemic unleashed between those who believe it is an animal and those who think it’s an extraterrestrial creature.
No authority said anything about the find.
Telemetro said four children, aged between 15 and 16 , saw the “thing” out of the water fall of Cerro Azul and stoned it to death, afraid of being attacked.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Snake with foot found in China

Dean Qiongxiu, 66, said she discovered the reptile clinging to the wall of her bedroom with its talons in the middle of the night.

"I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw," said Mrs Duan of Suining, southwest China.

Mrs Duan said she was so scared she grabbed a shoe and beat the snake to death before preserving its body in a bottle of alcohol.

The snake – 16 inches long and the thickness of a little finger – is now being studied at the Life Sciences Department at China's West Normal University in Nanchang.

Snake expert Long Shuai said: "It is truly shocking but we won't know the cause until we've conducted an autopsy."

A more common mutation among snakes is the growth of a second head, which occurs in a similar way to the formation of Siamese twins in humans.

Such animals are often caught and preserved as lucky tokens but have very little chance of surviving in the wild anyway, especially as the heads have a tendency to attack each other.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Man Rapes Man in Wheelchair

A suspect is in police custody after the indecent assault of a handicapped man in a Paoli restroom in August.

Investigators in Chester County say they apprehended a suspect who allegedly raped a wheelchair-bound man in a supermarket bathroom.

Investigators said they arrested suspect Brian Parks Thursday evening at a Center City homeless shelter in connection to the August 8 incident.

According to investigators, the 54-year-old Parks stands accused of raping a man who was confined to a wheelchair inside the bathroom of a Paoli ACME.

"We feel totally comfortable that this is the individual who is responsible for the heinous crime at the ACME," Sgt. Jack Bailey of the Tredyffrin Police Department explained.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woman beaten to death for shoplifting in China

BEIJING — A woman in eastern China was allegedly beaten to death by five employees of a Wal-Mart store who accused her of shoplifting, a police report and state media said Tuesday.

Police have arrested two employees from the store in Jiangxi province, while three others are being investigated, Jingdezhen city police said in a report on their website.

According to the report, the woman was beaten outside her home near the Wal-Mart on August 30 and died in a city hospital on Wednesday last week from injuries suffered during the beating.

Police said the five Wal-Mart employees had stopped the woman in the street and demanded to see her receipt, but she refused because she could not verify their identities, it said.

Following an argument, the five Wal-Mart employees began beating her, it said.

The English-language China Daily on Tuesday identified the victim as Yu Xiaochun, 37.

"They started to hit her because she didn't do what they said," the paper quoted her husband Chen Baolin as saying.

"I got there and tried to stop them but they kept beating her."

It was not immediately known if the woman had shoplifted, the paper said.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seal Pulls Girl into the Ocean

A five-year-old girl is recovering from puncture wounds today after a seal pulled her into the water at West Vancouver's Thunderbird Marina yesterday evening.

North Vancouver resident Caleigh Cunning, 5, was with her father on the marina dock at about 6 p.m.after a fishing trip.

Her father Mike Cunning was cleaning fish, when a seal jumped onto the dock and pulled the girl under water, according to marina manager Fred McDonald.

Caleigh was wearing a lifejacket.

A neighbour on the dock jumped in and saved her, he said.

Caleigh suffered puncture wounds to her wrist, was treated at hospital and released.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Russian Scientists Photograph Souls

The activity of Konstantin Korotkov, deputy director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture and world-renowned authority on Kirlian photography, was recently highlighted by Korotkov is the developer of the gas-discharge visualization (GDV) technique in Kirlian photography.

Kirlian photography takes its name from Soviet electrician Semyon Kirlian, who discovered the process in 1939. It was the subject of extensive research in the 1970s in the Soviet Union and the West. It is commonly described as photographing an object’s aura. According to a website associated with Korotkov, he “confirmed earlier observations… that the stimulated electro-photonic glow around human fingertips contained astonishingly coherent and comprehensive information about the human state – both physiological and psychological.”

In other words, the GDV technique, which was developed in the late 1990s, can be used for diagnostic and assessment purposes. It is already used to measure stress and monitor the progress of medical treatments. In its most sophisticated form, the GDV technique is incorporated with computer imaging.

Now scientists have taken GDV photographs of a person as he was dying. In the photos, it could be seen that the area of the belly lost its life force (the purported soul) first, followed by the head. The heart and groin were the last to lose their life force, in that order.

Scientists using the GDV technique say that the aura of those who die unexpectedly or violently differs from those who experience a calm death. The souls of the former remain in a state of confusion for several days and return frequently to their bodies, especially at night. Korotkov ascribes that phenomenon to unused energy retained by the soul. He suggests that the GDV technique will also have applications for distinguishing genuine psychics from frauds.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael Jackson at his own Funeral?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Alien Found in Mexico (Video)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady on fire strolls through mall shopping

Aug 13 05:57 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

MIAMI (AP) - A woman set herself on fire at a Miami mall Thursday, then walked around engulfed in flames as shocked shoppers watched, authorities said.

Two men and a woman who tried to help her were hurt, but not badly.

The 43-year-old woman, whose name was not released, doused herself with a flammable liquid at the Mall of the Americas, said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Arnold Piedrahita. She had third-degree burns over 75 percent of her body and was found conscious in a parking lot. Authorities do not know why she set herself on fire.

She was air-lifted to a hospital.

Witnesses said she was in a clothing store called Savage Boutique when it happened. Jose Morales, 24, said he was about to pay for earrings for his girlfriend at a nearby kiosk when he heard screams and thought someone had fallen.

When he turned around, he saw the blaze and realized someone was within it.

"This woman is just walking like this, super slow, completely on fire," Morales said, his arms stretched out at his side to show what the woman looked like as she walked out of the store. "You couldn't see nothing but fire."

Morales said witnesses used two fire extinguishers on the woman, who was on fire about two-and-a-half minutes. All of her clothes except her underwear disappeared into ashes.

After the fire was out, Morales said, the woman walked out of the mall and into the parking lot.

The two men injured helping her were treated at the scene while the woman who helped was taken to a hospital.

The mall remained closed as of late afternoon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vicious Dogs Keep Mountain Lion at Bay

Tina Lee Spray, 23, said she was awakened Saturday morning
by the sound of her three chihuahuas barking at the top of
their tiny lungs at the opening of her garage.

Spray said she looked out her daughter's window to investi-
gate the ruckus and was shocked to see her gang of 3-pound
dogs had cornered an angry-looking cougar in the garage.

The homeowner said the chihuahuas' barking kept the animal,
which appeared to be foaming at the mouth, at bay for 45
minutes until Riverside County Sheriff's deputies arrived.

"When they saw the dogs they said 'These little things?'
When they saw the mountain lion their jaws dropped," Spray
said. "They radioed, 'This is a full-size mountain lion and
it is not happy to see us.'"

Spray said the cougar made a run for it after officers from
the Department of Fish and Game shot it with tranquilizers
and she did not see the eventual capture.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dwarf gets Penis stuck in Vacuum

"A dwarf performer at the Edinburgh Fringe festival had to be rushed to hospital after his penis got stuck to a vacuum cleaner during an act that went horribly awry.

"The main part of his act saw him appear on stage with a vacuum cleaner attached to his member through a special attachment.

"The attachment broke before the performance and Blackner tried to fix it using extra-strong glue, but unfortunately only let it dry for 20 seconds instead of the 20 minutes required."


Sunday, June 7, 2009

David Carradine Death Photo

Local Bangkok Newspaper Thairath, published a photo in it's Saturday, 6 June edition claiming it's from David Carradine's hotel room.

The photo shows the nude body of a man hanging by the hands. The majority of the body in the photo is censored out. The photo is as it appears in the daily edition and printed by Thairath.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Body won't fit in casket: Cut off legs!

Published: June 3, 2009

The South Carolina funeral board revoked the licenses of an Allendale funeral home and funeral director accused of cutting off the legs of a man too tall for his casket.

The Board of Funeral Service voted Monday to revoke the funeral director Michael Cave’s license and the license of Cave Funeral Services of Allendale after months of investigation.

According a document released by the South Carolina Department Of Labor and Licensing, a funeral home employee used an electric saw to cut off James Hines’ lower legs so he would fit in a casket that he was too tall for.

The body of James Hines was exhumed back in March after investigators acted on a tip that Hines legs were cut off in 2004 when he was buried.

The family requested a larger casket because Hines was 6’7” and couldn’t fit in a normal casket.

A former employee of Cave Funeral Services says Hines was too tall for the casket he paid for before his death and said the funeral home didn’t want to pay for a larger casket.

Hines’ widow, Ann, says the family is somewhat relieved the funeral home has been shutdown and the director’s license revoked, but they still wonder why it happened to their loved one.

For the first time since the rumors began almost five years ago, Ann says Cave Funeral Services apologized to her and the family for all they’ve had to go through.

The Board of Funeral Services fined Cave for the violation and he must also pay $1,500 for the investigation into his business.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Woman Blows Mans Penis off..with Firecrackers

A Russian woman got so upset by the news that her boyfriend intended to leave her that she tied several firecrackers to his penis and exploded them, the web-site reports.

The 33-year-old victim, identified as Alik D. had lived with the woman whose name was reported as Kira V. for about two years, but when the girlfriend started suggesting that they should marry, the man refused and said that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son.

When Alik started moving out Kira suggested that they had a farewell dinner. After a hearty meal and some heavy drinking Alik fell asleep. The girlfriend tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. The man was rushed to intensive care and doctors are reported to be fighting for his life.

Even if the man survives the girl will face up to 12 years imprisonment.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Porcupine sex: Against the law!

Two Russian tourists who challenged a Florida law prohibiting sexual relationship with a porcupine have had to undergo a lengthy treatment for genital inflammation.

Anton, 32, and Yevgeny, 30, residents of St. Petersburg, were spending their vacation in the United States with a group of friends, website reports.

At some point in their journey, the two got hold of a booklet listing the weirdest US laws. Since they were in Florida, their attention was drawn to a Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines.

After a good deal of whiskey, the Russians felt curious about what might have prompted the law, and went in search of the animal.

Within one hour, a porcupine was found, and Anton and Yevgeny were drunk and brave enough to take off their pants and approach it.

The next morning, both were standing at the Cedars Sinai clinic in Los Angeles, where amazed doctors plucked porcupine needles from their penises.

Had the two not fled from Florida quickly enough, they would have had to face the law they had breached.

Back in Russia, both men had to undergo a lengthy treatment of inflammation caused by the porcupine needles.

Obviously, the two learned nothing from the story of the Russian man who in January lost half of his penis after trying to force a raccoon into oral sex.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Brotherly Love?

Two men, aged 23 and 28 have killed and eaten their elder brother in the South Siberian city of Perm, the web-site reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the crime was uncovered by pure chance – one of the criminals went to the police and asked for a written confirmation of the disappearance of his relative (a document necessary for inheritance rights to come into force). He said that his elder brother had left home and never came back. However, the policemen became suspicious as the alleged disappearance had taken place several months before the report.

Investigators searched the area around the brothers’ home and found a human head and remains of a corpse. Forensic tests revealed that these were the remains of the missing man.

The brothers confessed during the first police interview. They said that relations between them and their 30-year-old brother had been strained. A few years previous to the killing the middle brother had killed a neighbor in a drunken brawl and the elder brother had acted as a witness for the prosecution in court. The younger brother sided with the middle brother and the three relatives had had constant rows and fights since that time. At some point, the two brothers attacked the third one and strangled him to death.

To conceal their crime the brothers decided to eat the body. “Yes, we had to eat him. I did not want to go to prison again,” quoted the middle brother as saying.

The cannibals have been charged with murder and are currently awaiting psychiatric tests.

Cannibalism is a surprisingly popular way to dispose of a body in Russia. In March 2009 a woman was detained for similar offence in the Siberian city of Irkutsk and in February last year two St. Petersburg men, who claimed to be part of the Goth community, killed and ate a teenage girl.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dog blown away says "Dorothy"

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A six-pound Chihuahua has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked the puppy up and tossed her out of sight.

Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.

The Utleys, of Rochester, had set up an outdoor display Saturday at a flea market in Waterford Township, 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

Tinker Bell was standing on their platform trailer when she was swept away.

Dorothy Utley tells The Detroit News that her cherished pet "just went wild" upon seeing her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

This will make your head spin!

Man Dies After Being Shot 30 Times With Nail Gun

Friday , April 24, 2009

A shocking X-ray shows how a man died with up to 30 nails fired into his skull by a high-powered nail gun.

Sydney, Australia, homicide squad detectives have released the graphic image as they make a fresh appeal for information about Chen Liu's murder.

The decomposed body of the 27-year-old, also known as Anthony Liu, was found dumped in the Georges River last November, wrapped in a domestic rug.

He was bound with electrical wires and an extension cord and the carpet was neatly folded with each end tucked in and then bound with three strips of wire.

Officers with Strike Force Renfree, formed to investigate the murder, have revealed they believe he was shot dead elsewhere and driven to the river in his own blue 2005 Range Rover Sport 4WD.

Detective Inspector Mark Newham said yesterday that post-mortem examination results had showed Liu was shot repeatedly in the head up to 30 times with a high-powered nail gun.

"Similar types of nail guns can fire nails up to 85mm long," Insp Newham said.

Detectives said the nail gun used in the murder was a standard cordless, framing, gas-charged gun, widely available for sale and hire.

Man drinks 8 bottles of VODKA and LIVES!

A Russian man has miraculously survived drinking eight bottles of vodka. The percentage of alcohol in his blood was at least twice the lethal dose.

Pavel Kondratyev, 39, was found unconscious in the street of Yekaterinburg city in Russia’s Ural Mountains and taken to hospital, website reports Friday. The doctors suspected a head trauma, but the test proved different.

The man’s blood tests showed that he had drunk at least four liters, or eight bottles of vodka.

“When we took his blood, we were just amazed,” Stanislav Chursin, one of the doctors at the hospital, told the website.

“By most moderate estimates, he exceeded the lethal dose at least two times! That makes it, like, eight bottles of vodka,” Chursin said.

The doctor added that it must have been the man’s bulk that saved him – the alcohol hero is two meters’ tall and weighs over 100 kilos.

At present Kondratyev is in hospital, recovering from intoxication. He cannot remember where he was drinking, with whom or what the reason for the drinking party celebration was.

Russians have a reputation for being heavy drinkers. Earlier in April, a four-month-old baby died in a Siberian town after being poisoned by the alcohol-loaded milk of his drunken mother.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss. woman gets shot in head, but makes tea

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A Mississippi woman who was shot in the head not only survived but made herself tea and offered an astonished deputy something to drink, authorities said Friday. Tammy Sexton, 47, remained hospitalized three days after being wounded by her husband, who killed himself after he shot his wife. A bullet struck her squarely in the forehead, passed through her skull and exited through the back of her head, authorities said. She is expected to fully recover.

"There's no way she should be alive other than a miracle from God," said Sheriff Mike Byrd of Jackson County, Miss.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Couple beat each up over the violence on the news

METRO VANCOUVER — They were fighting about the news — and now they are the news.

Police were called to a home in Surrey on Thursday night to break up a fight between a married couple who were scrapping over the evening newscast.

"The violence on the news was disconcerting to the woman," Surrey RCMP Sgt. Roger Morrow explained.

The husband slapped his wife twice across the back of her head and she replied by smashing him over the head with a jar. Police hauled the husband away. Apparently their three kids were fast asleep at the time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shot in Breast almost kills her-Saved by CASH

Woman Survives Gunshot to Chest; Had Money Stuffed in Her Bra

Bahia state, Brazil - 58-year-old Ivonete Pereira survived a gunshot to the chest because the bullet was stopped by a wad of money stuffed in her bra. She was attacked Saturday while taking a bus in the city of Salvador when two armed men held it up.

Pereira was on her way to Lauro de Freitas, where she has a summer home. She had stashed the money where she did because the region is notorious for bus holdups. The stray bullet that hit her was fired when police engaged one of the gunmen.

Although the cash absorbed just enough of the impact to save her life, the bullet still had to be removed at a hospital. The assailants escaped and the retired police sergeant involved in the shootout was killed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tree Growing in Mans' Lung

5 cm. fir tree removed from patient’s lung
13 Apr, 11:35 PM

A five-centimeter fir tree has been found in the lung of a man who complained he had a strong pain in his chest and was coughing blood.

The 28-year-old patient, Artyom Sidorkin, came to a hospital in the city of Izhevsk in Central Russia last week, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports.

Doctors x-rayed his chest and found a tumor in one of the lungs. Suspecting cancer, they made a decision to perform biopsy, but when they cut the tissue, they were amazed to see green needles in the cut.

“I blinked three times, and thought I was seeing things. Then I called the assistant to have a look,” says Vladimir Kamashev, doctor at the Udmurtian Cancer Center.

The five-centimeter branch was removed from the patient’s body.

“They told me my coughing blood was not caused by any disease,” Sidorkin says.

“It was the needles poking the capillaries. It really hurt a lot. But I never felt like I had an alien object inside of me.”

It is obvious that a five-centimeter branch is too large to be inhaled or swallowed, doctors say. They suggest that the patient might have inhaled a small bud, which then started to grow inside his body.

Meanwhile, the piece of lung with the little fir tree has been preserved for further study.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do you eat at Dominos PIZZA? You won't after this video

Check out the filthiest Macdonald's in the WORLD!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Dog fell off boat in Ocean and found 4 MONTHS LATER.... ALIVE!

Dog overboard found four months later
Mon Apr 6, 4:21 am ET

SYDNEY (AFP) – A pet dog that fell overboard in rough seas off Australia has been reunited with its owners after surviving alone on an island for four months, reports said.

Sophie Tucker, apparently named after a late US entertainer, fell overboard as Jan Griffith and her family sailed through choppy waters off the northeast Queensland coast in November.

The dog was believed to have drowned and Griffith said the family was devastated.

But out of sight of the family, Sophie Tucker was swimming doggedly and finally made it to St Bees Island, five nautical miles away, and began the sort of life popularised by the TV reality show "Survivor."

She was returned to her family last week when Griffith contacted rangers who had captured a dog that had been living off feral goats on the largely uninhabited island, in the faint hope it might be their long-lost pet.

When the Griffiths met the rangers' boat bringing the dog to the mainland they found that it was indeed Sophie Tucker on board.

"We called the dog and she started whimpering and banging the cage and they let her out and she just about flattened us," Griffith told the national AAP news agency.

"She wriggled around like a mad thing."

Griffith said that when the dog was first spotted on the island she had been in poor condition.

"And then all of a sudden she started to look good and it was when the rangers had found baby goat carcasses so she'd started eating baby goats," she said.

Sophie Tucker, a member of the Australian cattle dog breed, had been quick to readjust to the comforts of home, complete with airconditioning, Griffiths said.

"She surprised us all. She was a house dog and look what she's done, she's swum over five nautical miles, she's managed to live off the land all on her own," Griffiths said.

"We wish she could talk, we truly do."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alien Child

About 60 to 70 years ago, an American girl living in Mexico allegedly discovered the skeletal remains of an adult and an apparently malformed child in a cave near her village. The girl collected both skulls and kept them for her entire life, until her recent death. Just prior to her death she passed the skulls to an unnamed American man, who kept them for five years. The skulls were then passed to an American couple, who possess them to this day.

Scientific testing has shown the skull is that of a male child who died approximately 900 years ago. His mother was human.

Despite criticism from established science, the skull has gathered great interest within the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Some contend that it is the skull of a an alien, or a human/alien hybrid, based on the shape of the skull bearing similarities to the common representation of aliens as "Greys".[12]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baffled Police Find Dead Man Charred at his Computer

CHENNAI: A young software engineer working with Tata Consultancy Services was killed in a suspected computer blast at his home on Telugu Brahmin

Street in Velachery late on Friday. The incident took place when Vijayakumar (28), hailing from Madurai, was working on the computer.

Police said his charred body was found in a sitting posture. “We are yet to ascertain the cause of the blast. The computer was completely damaged and the deceased was charred,” a police officer told TOI. Vijayakumar was sharing the house with two other software engineers, Vignesh (26) and Ram Prasad (26). When the accident occurred Ram Prasad was in the room with Vijayakumar, police said.

“Ram Prasad had gone to take bath. He told us that suddenly he heard a blast and when he rushed out he saw the charred body of his friend and fainted,” the officer said. However, the case has baffled the investigating officers. “It sounds quite unbelievable. We have not heard of such a case before. But the scene of the accident seems to suggest that the youth was killed in an accident as his body was in the sitting position in front of the burnt computer,” the official added.

13 yr old Drives 1200 miles to Rodeo in TEXAS

Boy, 13, found after driving 2,100 km to a rodeo in Texas
Sat, April 4, 2009

JETERSVILLE, VA. -- A 13-year-old Virginia boy apparently loaded his family's pickup truck with food, clothes and his dog, hitched up a trailer with two horses in tow and drove 2,100 kilometres to Texas, police said.

The teen's parents found him safe yesterday.

Police are unsure why the boy ran away Wednesday from his Jetersville-area home.

He apparently was well- prepared, even bringing extra propane tanks along.

Wyatt McLaughlin was found about 2 p.m. yesterday on a rodeo grounds near Weatherford, Tex., where he had performed several times.

His parents looked for him there on a hunch, said Sgt. Tom Cunningham, a Virginia State Police spokesperson.

Surveillance video from a gas station in Mount Pleasant, Tex., appeared to show the boy pumping gas Thursday into his family's pickup truck.

The parents flew to Texas to view the video and believed the boy was their son.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Man coughs up nail that was in nose for 30 YEARS!

Going to the doctor doesn’t get any weirder than this. A man gets an MRI, but ends up getting a lot more than that.

For Prax Sanchez a trip to the doctor's office was never so unusual. Not for Prax, instead everyone around him. He had quite the story to tell.

"I never had any idea there was any metal in my face," said Sanchez

That's right. Metal in his face. Literally.

"To us, he's a medical miracle. It's amazing. We've never seen anything like this," said Cheryl Paterson, a medical receptionist at an Old Colorado City family clinic.

This time around, Prax didn't come for a check-up of his blood pressure like he usually does. Instead, to show his doc what happened to him a few weeks ago.

"When I went to lay down on the MRI machine, I had a real pain on my right side under my eye," said Sanchez.

What was about to come next, no one would ever expect.

After his MRI, Sanchez coughed up a nail that was stuck in his nose.

It was over an inch long. Doctors say it could have been up his nose for 30 years.

"Once it's in the nasal cavity like that, a little membrane forms around it and it becomes a foreign object."

Prax is just fine. Soon, he'll be back for a more normal check-up

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Man arrested for Drunk Driving-A Bar Stool

Cops Bust Stool Fool

Ohio man arrested for drunk driving on a homemade vehicle

MARCH 31--In a law enforcement first, Ohio cops this month arrested a man for drunk driving on a motorized bar stool. That's right, a motorized bar stool, which can be seen below in a police evidence photo. According to cops, Kile Wygle, 28, crashed his bar stool near his Newark home earlier this month and called 911 due to his injuries. When an officer arrived and asked Wygle what happened, he answered, "I wrecked my bar stool." According to a Newark Police Division report, a copy of which you'll find here, Wygle's homemade ride is powered by a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine. Wygle noted that the bar stool could hit nearly 40 miles per hour, but that he was only going 20 when he wiped out late in the afternoon on March 4 (a witness told police that he spotted someone driving a "strange motorized machine" before the crash). A plastered Wygle, who failed a series of field sobriety tests, was charged with DUI and driving with a suspended license, both misdemeanors. His bar stool was not impounded.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ITS all TRUE-But Strange

Saturday mail delivery in Canada was eliminated by Canada Post on February 1, 1969!

In Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most trips of less than 50 minutes!

There are 18 different animal shapes in the Animal Crackers cookie zoo!

Should there be a crash, Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same airplane as a precaution!

Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second!

The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card!

There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos!

There is one slot machine in Las Vegas for every eight inhabitants!

The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off!

Every day 20 banks are robbed. The average take is $2,500!

The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad!

Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating!

Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult!

One car out of every 230 made was stolen last year!

The names of Popeye's four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye!

Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia!

The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders!

When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second!

A Boeing 747 airliner holds 57,285 gallons of fuel!

A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one minute. Half an ounce is used to start the average automobile!

The Philadelphia mint produces 26 million pennies per day!

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface!

A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood!

It is estimated that 4 million "junk" telephone calls, phone solicitations by persons or programmed machine are made every day in the United States!

It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!

Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill!

Almost half the newspapers in the world are published in the United States and Canada!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey teacher... leave that thing alone!

Higgins High School teacher arrested after allegedly masturbating in classroom

A teacher at a Marrero high school has been arrested after authorities say he was caught masturbating in a classroom by students and another teacher Wednesday. He was suspended without pay.

Joey Lehrman, 22, of 701 N. Salcedo St., New Orleans, was booked with obscenity and taken to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. He was expected to be released from custody late Thursday on $5,000 bond.

Lehrman is an English teacher at L.W. Higgins High School on Lapalco Boulevard, said Beth Branley, a spokeswoman for the Jefferson Parish public school district. He was hired through the Teach for America program and had worked at the school since August. She said no other complaints have been lodged against him.

According to an arrest report, three students and a substitute teacher saw Lehrman masturbating in his classroom Wednesday about 8 a.m.