Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Alien" Parasite Removed from Womans Brain

Famed NASA Astronaut Confirms Extraterrestrials are Here

Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle. During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.
A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.
The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter-clockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.
Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: "I don't know what it is. Whether it's a washer, debris, ice particles, I don't know. But it's characteristic of the thousands of things which I've seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from no where. You would think that if it's facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It's really impressive."
Story Musgrave (STS-80)
Story Musgrave (STS-80).
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Fish That Eats Crocodiles!

British angler Jeremy Wade looks understandably anxious as he grapples with this ferocious-looking 'giant piranha'.
The 52-year-old caught the aptly-named goliath tigerfish during a fishing expedition up the Congo River in Africa.
The brave fisherman was forced to hold the fish at arms-length for fear of being bitten by its razor-sharp teeth while posing with it for the camera.
The goliath tigerfish is one of the most fearsome freshwater fish in the world and said to be a much bigger and deadlier version of the piranha.
The giant fish has 32 teeth that are of similar size to those of a great white shark and has been known to attack humans and even crocodiles.
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CCTV: Wolves attack Russian traffic cops on M23 highway

Drunk Driver Pulls Over Drunk Drivers

It's bad to drink and drive. It's even worse to drink and drive and pull people over for drinking and driving -- especially if you're not a cop.

Police in Florida say they arrested a man on suspicion of driving drunk while impersonating a police officer on Oct. 14.

According to the, police in Boca Raton believe Andrew Novotak was dressed like a cop with a police-style badge and a loaded Glock 9 mm handgun in a waist holster when he pulled over several motorists to ask if they had drugs or alcohol in their cars.
The phony cop was driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with dark tinted windows, similar to what police officers drive nationwide," police spokesman Mark Economou told the press.
But unlike real police officers, the flashing lights on Novotak's vehicle were green -- not red and blue, according to CBS4.
A motorist notified authorities, and when police arrived on the scene they reportedly found Novotak in his car, with his green lights flashing.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weird UFO Footage In El Paso Texas

Time Machine Built In Europe

Time Machine Built in Europe, Russian Scientists Say
Time Machine Built in Europe, Russian Scientists Say

Russian physicists seriously believe that the Large Hadron Collider can be used for time travel. However, it will only happen when it starts working at full capacity and stops breaking down.

If earlier time travel was considered science fiction, now it suddenly turned into the favorite pet project of theoretical physicists. Renowned physicist Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology once said in one of his lectures:
“Once upon a time, time travel was the exclusive prerogative of writers. Serious scientists were shunning it like the plague, even when they were writing novels under a pseudonym or were secretly reading them. The times have changed! Now in serious scientific journals you can find a scientific analysis of time travel, authored by outstanding theoretical physicists. Why this change? Physics simply understood that the nature of time is too important to give it to the mercy of writers.”
Today, there are many different schemes of devices designed for time travel. The main one is the Large Hadron Collider. It was launched in the fall of 2008. This is the most powerful particle accelerator in history located on the border of Switzerland and France. In its 27-kilometer ring scientists are trying to collide beams of protons accelerated to nearly light speed. As expected, this device will provide new information about particles and forces acting in space, as well as will reproduce conditions that existed immediately after the Big Bang gave birth to the universe.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Herd of Mountain Goats Casually Climb Near-Vertical 160ft Dam

At first look you could be forgiven for thinking this photo of the Cingino dam in the Italian Alps is unremarkable, but for the feat of civil engineering it represents.
However, look a bit closer and you might feel like a bit of a silly billy for not realising those specks on its sheer 160ft face are something altogether more amazing. These incredible pictures show Alpine Ibex goats wandering across the face of the near-vertical dam in Northern Italy without a care in the world.
The gravity-defying goats typically live in very steep and rocky terrain at altitudes of up to to 4,600m and have no fear of falling whether climbing up or down the 160ft dam wall.
And they aren't doing it just to show off.
It is thought the goats are actually grazing, licking the stones for their salts.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

McDonalds Hamburger Perfect Condition..After 12 Years!

Anytime someone sees a Bionic Burger up close, they inevitably ask ONE of these eight questions:
1. What did you do to preserve these hamburgers for so long?

My answer: Nothing. These hamburgers are not food substances (the way we normally think of food), they are chemical concoctions that contain the look, taste, and smell of food but don't be fooled... there is nothing "food-like" about these substances at all.

2. I can't believe this hamburger is really 12 years old... you must be lying.

My answer: I don't want you to believe me... I would rather have you buy a couple hamburgers from your local McDonalds and follow our instructions on how to create a Bionic Burger for yourself (click here for the simple instructions).

3. Why does McDonalds put so many chemicals in their food? Are they an evil company?

My answer: Not evil, simply efficient. McDonalds has over 33,000 restaurants worldwide. The only way they can make their hamburgers and fries taste virtually the same at every restaurant is by taking the "uncertain variables" out of the food service equation: namely, they replace food (which has a tendency to taste different depending on the season, environmental conditions, and quality) with CHEMICALS, which ALWAYS look, smell, and taste the same.

4. How did this happen?

My answer: Gradually over time. 35 years ago, McDonalds served real hamburgers on real bread. Their milk shakes were made with real milk and sugar... but as their corporation grew (and the complexity of running so many restaurants increased), they had to rely on more efficient means to deliver their products.
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Man Gets Struck By Lightening 7 Times and Lives. Then Shoots Himself

Roy Cleveland Sullivan was born in 1912. During his 36 years as a park ranger, Sullivan, of Waynesboro, Virginia, was struck by lightning seven times. In 1942, he lost a big toenail to lightning. In 1969, his eyebrows were blown off. His left shoulder was seared in 1970 and his hair set on fire in 1972. In August 1973, he was out driving when a bolt hit him on the head through his hat, set his hair on fire again, threw him 10ft out of his car and knocked his left shoe off. In 1983, he shot himself.

Truly Bizarre
In the early hours of 27 May 1974, 20-year-old Barbara Forrest was raped and strangled at Erdington, near Birmingham. She had visited a friend the previous evening - Whit Monday - to get changed and had gone to a dance. In the early hours of 27 May 1817 (also a Whit Monday), Mary Ashford had been raped and murdered on the same spot. She too had gone to a friend's house to get changed before going to a dance. In both cases, a man called Thornton was arrested, charged with murder and cleared.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ABC: UFO Hovers Over New York City Oct 13 2010

Airport Alert Flights from JFK, Newark and La Guardia temporarily suspended due to smoke at L.I. radar facility?

A mysterious shiny object floating high over Manhattan's West Side set off a flurry of reports and wild speculation Wednesday that a UFO was flying over the city.
Police and the FAA said they began getting flooded with calls starting at 1:30 p.m. from people reporting a silvery object hovering high over Chelsea.
Law enforcement sources said they believed the object was likely some sort of balloon, but as of late Wednesday they had not confirmed exactly what it is.
A Daily News reporter could see a tiny, silver dot floating approximately 5,000 feet above 23th St. and Eighth Ave., where dozens of people gathered late in the afternoon to catch a glimpse.
"It's been hovering there for a while. I'm just kind of baffled," said Joseph Torres, 49, of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who spotted the object after leaving a movie. "How can it be ordinary? There is something going on."

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010

A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."
Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) September 13, 2010 -- A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Cop Mugged In Front Of Police Station

A policeman was mugged by a man right outside the police station in Hong Kong.  The policeman was shown a knife and the man took the officers gun and twelve rounds of ammunition.  A statement made by the police said that the officer was on guard duty outside of the police station when the man approached him.  He also took his police radio.  The attacker is trying to be located by the police officers.  The police officers was not hurt during the mugging.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Strangest Animals On Earth

Weird creatures tend to show their faces on the planet Earth. Thanks to the Internet we are able to see a lot of freaky unexplainable photos of creatures we are tempted to call monsters. These are, as we see them, top 5 weirdest creatures ever found on the face of the Earth.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Man Wants Artificial Leg To Be Executed With Him, States Says No

A man that will be executed on Thursday has requested that he be given an artificial leg.  The one-legged inmate lost one of his legs to diabetes while in prison.  The man however will not be given the artificial leg as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said it would cost taxpayers $8,000 and that it was not
considered a necessity.  The man, Rodolfo Hernandez, 52, wanted the leg so he could "walk like a man" to his death which will be done by lethal injection.  "I came in with two legs, I want to go out with two legs," said Hernandez.  He is being executed for killing an illegal immigrant in Mexico during a robbery.
Woman Lives In Car For 26 Years
A London woman, Ann Naysmith, lived in her car for 26 years. The woman, who was a former music teacher, decided to reside in her car after she had been evicted from her flat in London. She has been living in her Ford Consul since 1976.  Her car was however removed by the local council as it was said it could be a possible health hazard.  The neighbours, who became used to the 60 year old lady, decided to buy her a red Mercedes in replacement of the Ford Consul."  "It seemed a straightforward
and sensible solutions," said the owner of the Mercedes, Sian Lines.  The owner of the Mercedes also added that it was sensible since the lady had threatened to set herself on fire in protest.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Weird And Whacky

A teenager from Winnipeg was surprised when a goose which was flying low, hit him and knocked him off his skateboard.  The teenager, Shawn Hacking was hit in the face by the goose as the goose was heading towards a pond and misjudged his landing spot.  The boy suffered many injuries, including both of his knees badly scraped, his shirt was ripped, his wrist was sprained and there was a red mark on his face where the goose had hit him.  Hacking's friend said, " It was so funny, but I felt sorry for him at the same time.  It flew out of nowhere and then... wham bam!"

Unusual Death
Vladimir Likhonos, a Ukrainian student, died after accidentally dipping a piece of homemade chewing gum into explosives he was using on another project. He mistook the jar of explosive for citric acid, which was also on his desk. The gum exploded, blowing off his jaw and most of the lower part of his face.

God Help Him 
Franco Brun, a 22-year-old prisoner at Metro East Detention Center, died after attempting to swallow and choking on a 6.35 cm. (2.5 inches) by 10 cm. (4 inches) by 1.27 centimetres (half an inch) Gideon's Bible. Brun reportedly had mental deficiencies and as such, the coroner did not label his death as suicide, believing that "the swallowing of the Bible to him was some form of symbolism or allegory as though he was trying to purge himself of the devil by consuming religion". He was only serving a 15-day sentence. 

Man Lives In Train Disaster Then Gets Run Over By...Train

A man who survived one of Egypt's biggest train disasters, which killed 360 people, died on his way back from his journey.  The man, Abdel-Rahim Qenavi, 22 escaped the big disaster with slight injuries by jumping off one of the rear carriages.  However, after spending time with his family during a religious festival Eid al-Adha, he died by slipping under a train while waiting at a train station to return to Cairo.

Coma Patients Found With Maggots In Their Noses
Due to a housekeeping lapse at a Missouri hospital, two patients in a coma had maggots growing in their noses.  A storage area at Kansas City's Veteran's hospital was not properly cleaned after staff cuts in 1998.. At this time the hospital had to hire exterminators to get rid of a massive infestation of mice. Dead mice all over the hospital brought flies, which somehow invaded the hospital's intensive care unit and laid eggs in the noses of the two comatose patients. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woman Throws Dog Dung In Drivers Face

A Massachusetts woman faces assault charges after Belmont police said she hit a motorist in the face with a bag of dog feces.
Police said Tuesday that the woman, whose name has not been released, admitted tossing doggie dung at the driver because she believed he was speeding.
Belmont Lt. Rick Santangelo said the woman initially contacted police last week and reported that she was walking her dog when she saw the motorist nearly hit a man on a bicycle.
Santangelo said the man contacted police the next day to report being struck in the face with dog feces.
The woman was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, vandalism to property and disorderly conduct.
No arraignment date has been set.
Source: MSN News

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 Cops Rob Undercover Officer Of Drugs and Cash

Two Philadelphia police officers have been charged with criminal conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, theft, and other related charges, according to officials.
Sean Alivera, 31, and Christopher Luciano, 23, allegedly robbed a supposed drug dealer of 20 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $24,000 as well as $3,000 in cash. It turns out that the man they thought was a drug dealer was actually an undercover officer.
Authorities also believe that the two planned to have the drugs redistributed on the street by an un-named drug dealer.
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Man Shoots Right Testicle Off During Robbery

Police said a Kokomo man accidentally shot himself in the genitals as he robbed a convenience store early Tuesday.
Kokomo police said they were called to a Village Pantry store at 100 N. Ohio St. at about 4:20 a.m. after a clerk at the store called them.The female clerk told police that a man came into the store with a semiautomatic handgun, grabbed her hair and demanded cash and cigarettes before handing her a white cloth bag.
The clerk said that as she retrieved the cigarettes she heard a gunshot and turned to confront the man, who yelled that he had shot himself.
"The bullet traveled through his right testicle ... and then into the bottom part of his leg," Kokomo police Lt. Don Whitehead said.Police said the man, whom they identified as 25-year-old Derrick Kosch, grabbed the bag full of cash and fled the store.In-store surveillance cameras showed that Kosch shot himself as he placed the gun into the waistband of his pants, police said.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Woman Calls 911 To Ask What Day It Is and More..

It appears residents in Broward County have their definitions for "nonsense" and "emergency" mixed up.
According to the Broward Sheriff's Office call center, nearly half the 911 calls they receive are for things not quite a life or death situation - unless you consider a fast food order an emergency.
To paraphrase the immortal words of Flavor Flav, 911 callers are a joke in this town.
"My toilet's overflowing, what do I do? That's my personal favorite," BSO Sheriff Al Lamberti said.
While it's a stretch, a busted toilet at least could, conceivably, be considered an emergency. But there is no rationale for the number calls that sound something like this:
"I ordered chicken nuggets and they don't have chicken nuggets," one woman called 911 to report.
The fast food offenses are usually the most common and often the most annoying because people think it's really an emergency worthy of 911, one operator said.
"Screaming in my ear, 'I wanted the sausage, and he gave me the burrito!'" April McGill recalls from one call. "She's trying to force me to eat something off the menu that I don't want!"
The penal code hasn't quite addressed customer service in the fast food industry, but that hasn't stopped Broward residents from picking up the phone and calling the police. People have asked for police escorts, rides to the liquor store and instructions on how to make meatballs.
One woman even called to ask what day it was.
Meanwhile, real emergencies can suffer from an influx of foolish calls. Occasionally, the police do show up to help. Well, help that person into a pair of handcuffs and a jail cell.
Lamberti said there is a pretty easy rule to follow if you aren't sure if 911 is the right call for you.
"If it involves your toilet or your turkey that's a no-no," he said.
Or as one operator put it, "911 is if you're dying. Do you understand that?"

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Woman Threatens To call Police When She Gets Arrested By Police

A middle-aged woman from Ohio was being arrested for being disorderly conduct and in the process she threatened the police that she was going to call…the police. 
The funny 911 calls have seemed to have developed into some type of hobby for many people. After last week’s news about a man calling 911 to ask for a ride to the liquor store, now this ridiculous call? Andrea Elliot, 44-years old, was arrested on Monday, August 16th for disorderly conduct. According to authorities she appeared to be quite intoxicated.
Here comes the funny part. While the police officers were in the process of arresting the woman, she pulls out her cellphone and threatens the officers that she is going to call 911. She now has a false 911 call charge added to her aggravated disorderly conduct..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dead Teen's Classmates Discover His Brain in Jar

A Staten Island couple is suing New York City after the shocking discovery that their dead son's brain was on display in a jar at a city morgue.

Jesse Shipley was 17 when he died in a car crash in 2005.

Andre and Korisha Shipley said they had no idea his brain was removed during an autopsy until some of the teen's classmates at Port Richmond High School visited a morgue on a field trip.
While on the tour, the kids, who were members of a forensic science club, came across a jar with a brain floating inside and their dead friend's name on the label.

The family's lawyer, Marvin Ben-Aron, told the New York Post that the sight left the kids "shaking and upset."
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Chicken: Look What You're Eating-Eyes, Bone, Guts, Feet

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast-food chicken is made from—things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it.
Basically, the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve—bones, eyes, guts, and all. it comes out looking like this.
There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.
But, hey, at least it tastes good, right?
High five, America!

Pig Learns To Walk On Two Legs

The 10-month-old porker is known by villagers as "Zhu Jianqiang" (Strong-willed Pig) after it was born with only two front legs and learned to balance on them well enough to walk.
According to its owner, Wang Xihai, it was one of nine piglets born in a litter this January.
He said: "My wife asked me to dump it but I refused as it's a life. I thought I should give it a chance to survive and unexpectedly it survived healthy."
Several days after its birth Wang decided to train the two-legged piglet to walk by lifting it up by its tail.
He said: "I trained her for a while each day. After 30 days she can now walk upside down quite well."
Wang said since the birth of the pig, which currently weighs 50kg (110lbs), his home has been besieged by visitors.
A circus even offered to buy for the pig for a large sum but Wang refused to sell.
He said "She proved to us that no matter what form life is it should continue to live on. I won't sell it no matter how much the offer is."

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