Thursday, April 2, 2009

Man coughs up nail that was in nose for 30 YEARS!

Going to the doctor doesn’t get any weirder than this. A man gets an MRI, but ends up getting a lot more than that.

For Prax Sanchez a trip to the doctor's office was never so unusual. Not for Prax, instead everyone around him. He had quite the story to tell.

"I never had any idea there was any metal in my face," said Sanchez

That's right. Metal in his face. Literally.

"To us, he's a medical miracle. It's amazing. We've never seen anything like this," said Cheryl Paterson, a medical receptionist at an Old Colorado City family clinic.

This time around, Prax didn't come for a check-up of his blood pressure like he usually does. Instead, to show his doc what happened to him a few weeks ago.

"When I went to lay down on the MRI machine, I had a real pain on my right side under my eye," said Sanchez.

What was about to come next, no one would ever expect.

After his MRI, Sanchez coughed up a nail that was stuck in his nose.

It was over an inch long. Doctors say it could have been up his nose for 30 years.

"Once it's in the nasal cavity like that, a little membrane forms around it and it becomes a foreign object."

Prax is just fine. Soon, he'll be back for a more normal check-up

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