Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Frog in her SPINACH? Bubbling?

VIENNA (AFP) - Whoever said spinach was good for you? Even Popeye's stomach would probably have churned at the grisly find made by a 32-year-old mother from Vienna who decided to cook frozen spinach for her family's evening meal, the daily Oesterreich reported Tuesday.

Martina R. told the newspaper she thought the spinach was a bit "lumpy" as it bubbled in the saucepan.

But it was only when she went to dish out a serving for her young daughter that she noticed there was a dead frog in it.

"My stomach turned. It was almost whole, except for a missing leg which I probably knocked off when I stirred the spinach," the shocked housewife said.

She complained to the supermarket where she had bought the spinach and the manager presented her with a free packet of coffee as compensation, Oesterreich reported.

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