Sunday, November 2, 2008

Teacher Strips for 15 Year old Students

Principal Refuses to Sack Teacher Who Stripped for 15-Year-Old Students

Hungary: The principal at a Zalaegerszeg school has refused to sack a teacher for stripping in front of students, saying that she hadn't revealed any more skin than one could commonly see on the beach and that she is a valuable teacher.

The teacher reportedly joined in a game of truth or dare at a start of term party she was supervising. The 15-year-old students dared her to pole dance. The teacher was down to her bra and had unzipped her pants before another teacher stepped in.

"It is disgusting. What kind of teacher acts that way in front of her pupils. She should be in a lap dancing bar, not a school... She's a pretty woman in her 20s and the children couldn't believe their luck," said one disgruntled parent.



Sandi said...

We shouldn't have to worry about that kind of thing from our kid's teachers. It's sad that we do.

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