Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True

For decades conspiracy theorists have argued that big corporations and the government are poisoning the world’s food supply to control the population. With so many deaths in the United States and all over the world coming from food alone, it’s hard to argue.
It’s unlikely that the corporations are actually poisoning the food, though. More likely, they are cutting all the costs possible.
Genetically modified food, or crops that have had their genetic code altered to prevent pest or climate damage (90% of which comes from food giant Monsanto) make up the majority of the crops grown in the United States.
If you check the ingredients label you’ll see that most of the things we eat are hardly food but actually food-like substances meant to mimic the taste and texture of real food.
If you see the conditions in which our beef and chicken is raised and how much pharmaceuticals the animals are pumped full of to prevent disease (only to cause disease), most will never bite into a burger again.
Monsanto and most food companies are known for cutting all of the corners that they can and make as much money as possible off of products that are hardly safe and “regulated” by former Monsanto workers that make up the FDA.
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