Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drunk Driver Pulls Over Drunk Drivers

It's bad to drink and drive. It's even worse to drink and drive and pull people over for drinking and driving -- especially if you're not a cop.

Police in Florida say they arrested a man on suspicion of driving drunk while impersonating a police officer on Oct. 14.

According to the, police in Boca Raton believe Andrew Novotak was dressed like a cop with a police-style badge and a loaded Glock 9 mm handgun in a waist holster when he pulled over several motorists to ask if they had drugs or alcohol in their cars.
The phony cop was driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with dark tinted windows, similar to what police officers drive nationwide," police spokesman Mark Economou told the press.
But unlike real police officers, the flashing lights on Novotak's vehicle were green -- not red and blue, according to CBS4.
A motorist notified authorities, and when police arrived on the scene they reportedly found Novotak in his car, with his green lights flashing.

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