Friday, October 8, 2010

Man Wants Artificial Leg To Be Executed With Him, States Says No

A man that will be executed on Thursday has requested that he be given an artificial leg.  The one-legged inmate lost one of his legs to diabetes while in prison.  The man however will not be given the artificial leg as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said it would cost taxpayers $8,000 and that it was not
considered a necessity.  The man, Rodolfo Hernandez, 52, wanted the leg so he could "walk like a man" to his death which will be done by lethal injection.  "I came in with two legs, I want to go out with two legs," said Hernandez.  He is being executed for killing an illegal immigrant in Mexico during a robbery.
Woman Lives In Car For 26 Years
A London woman, Ann Naysmith, lived in her car for 26 years. The woman, who was a former music teacher, decided to reside in her car after she had been evicted from her flat in London. She has been living in her Ford Consul since 1976.  Her car was however removed by the local council as it was said it could be a possible health hazard.  The neighbours, who became used to the 60 year old lady, decided to buy her a red Mercedes in replacement of the Ford Consul."  "It seemed a straightforward
and sensible solutions," said the owner of the Mercedes, Sian Lines.  The owner of the Mercedes also added that it was sensible since the lady had threatened to set herself on fire in protest.

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