Thursday, October 14, 2010

Man Gets Struck By Lightening 7 Times and Lives. Then Shoots Himself

Roy Cleveland Sullivan was born in 1912. During his 36 years as a park ranger, Sullivan, of Waynesboro, Virginia, was struck by lightning seven times. In 1942, he lost a big toenail to lightning. In 1969, his eyebrows were blown off. His left shoulder was seared in 1970 and his hair set on fire in 1972. In August 1973, he was out driving when a bolt hit him on the head through his hat, set his hair on fire again, threw him 10ft out of his car and knocked his left shoe off. In 1983, he shot himself.

Truly Bizarre
In the early hours of 27 May 1974, 20-year-old Barbara Forrest was raped and strangled at Erdington, near Birmingham. She had visited a friend the previous evening - Whit Monday - to get changed and had gone to a dance. In the early hours of 27 May 1817 (also a Whit Monday), Mary Ashford had been raped and murdered on the same spot. She too had gone to a friend's house to get changed before going to a dance. In both cases, a man called Thornton was arrested, charged with murder and cleared.

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