Thursday, October 7, 2010

Man Lives In Train Disaster Then Gets Run Over By...Train

A man who survived one of Egypt's biggest train disasters, which killed 360 people, died on his way back from his journey.  The man, Abdel-Rahim Qenavi, 22 escaped the big disaster with slight injuries by jumping off one of the rear carriages.  However, after spending time with his family during a religious festival Eid al-Adha, he died by slipping under a train while waiting at a train station to return to Cairo.

Coma Patients Found With Maggots In Their Noses
Due to a housekeeping lapse at a Missouri hospital, two patients in a coma had maggots growing in their noses.  A storage area at Kansas City's Veteran's hospital was not properly cleaned after staff cuts in 1998.. At this time the hospital had to hire exterminators to get rid of a massive infestation of mice. Dead mice all over the hospital brought flies, which somehow invaded the hospital's intensive care unit and laid eggs in the noses of the two comatose patients. 

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