Thursday, October 14, 2010

McDonalds Hamburger Perfect Condition..After 12 Years!

Anytime someone sees a Bionic Burger up close, they inevitably ask ONE of these eight questions:
1. What did you do to preserve these hamburgers for so long?

My answer: Nothing. These hamburgers are not food substances (the way we normally think of food), they are chemical concoctions that contain the look, taste, and smell of food but don't be fooled... there is nothing "food-like" about these substances at all.

2. I can't believe this hamburger is really 12 years old... you must be lying.

My answer: I don't want you to believe me... I would rather have you buy a couple hamburgers from your local McDonalds and follow our instructions on how to create a Bionic Burger for yourself (click here for the simple instructions).

3. Why does McDonalds put so many chemicals in their food? Are they an evil company?

My answer: Not evil, simply efficient. McDonalds has over 33,000 restaurants worldwide. The only way they can make their hamburgers and fries taste virtually the same at every restaurant is by taking the "uncertain variables" out of the food service equation: namely, they replace food (which has a tendency to taste different depending on the season, environmental conditions, and quality) with CHEMICALS, which ALWAYS look, smell, and taste the same.

4. How did this happen?

My answer: Gradually over time. 35 years ago, McDonalds served real hamburgers on real bread. Their milk shakes were made with real milk and sugar... but as their corporation grew (and the complexity of running so many restaurants increased), they had to rely on more efficient means to deliver their products.
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